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Webmaster Tools

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Webmaster Tools

Tutti i migliori Tools per webmaster on line per ottimizzare e monitorare  il vostro sito

Search Engines

Backlink CheckerBacklink Checker

Find a list of backlinks linkings to a specific website

Cloaking CheckerCloaking Checker

Cloaking Checker

Google BannedGoogle Banned

Discover whether a website is banned on google

Google Datacenter SearchGoogle Datacenter Search

Search keywords/phrase through different google data center

Index CheckerIndex Checker

Check for the total number of pages of a specific website wich are present on search engines

Keyword DensityKeyword Density Checker

Analyze a websites to view the optmimum keyword distribuition


Find related keywords matching your search

Keyword SuggestionKeyword Suggestion

Find related keywords matching your search

Link PopularyLink Popularity

Retrieve a number of backlinks of a specif website from search engines

MultirankMulti-rank Checker

View multiple google page rank and alexa ranking in bulk


View google pagerank on different google servers

Pagerank CheckerPagerank Checker

View google pagerank on different google servers

Pagerank PredictionPagerank Prediction

Predict your future google pagerank

RankRank Checker

Get an overview of a website's ranking

Search Engine PositionSearch Engine Position

Ceck your search engine positions on google search engine

Search Listings PreviewSearch Listings Preview

Preview your website on google, msn, yahoo

Spider ViewSpider View

This tool enable you to see the prospective from a search engine spider

Url Redirect CheckerUrl Redirect Checker

Check whether a redirect link is search engine friendly

Visual PagerankVisual Pagerank

View the pagerank of links visually rather than in text


View google pagerank on different google servers

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