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SAGE Publications Inc: Social Marketing Quarterly: Table of Contents

Table of Contents for Social Marketing Quarterly. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

Social Marketing Quarterly

  • Social Marketing Practitioners: Should You Share Your Work in SMQ?
    Social Marketing Quarterly, Ahead of Print. <br/>

  • Strategically Leveraging Humor in Social Marketing Campaigns
    Social Marketing Quarterly, Ahead of Print. <br/>Classic and social marketing research has described some of the benefits of using humor. However, while these studies have strongly recommended the strategy, little has been reported on why practitioners have, or could, leverage humor to reach campaign goals. Addressing this need, the use of humor in 15 social marketing campaigns was investigated. Three of these campaigns were selected, aiming to promote water-efficient behavior, and examined in greater depth to highlight findings. Campaign planners were interviewed to understand their choice in strategy, objectives of their campaigns, and results achieved. Results show humor has been leveraged to target a variety of behaviors in the areas of health, social equity, environment, and education. The examples followed many recommendations within previous research. However, newly described applications of humor in these campaigns included minimizing the competing behavior, endearing an audience to the messenger, and reducing tensions around a contentious issue. This article concludes with a discussion of how these applications can be successfully leveraged and potential associated pitfalls and ethical issues that may arise from the use of humor.

  • Culture and Sampling Issues With “Green” Attitude Research
    Social Marketing Quarterly, Volume 25, Issue 2, Page 91-106, June 2019. <br/>Research on environmental attitudes may be affected by three methodological issues. First, country culture can influence green attitudes. This research found that environmental attitudes in countries with distinctive power distance, individualistic, or indulgent cultures tended to differ from the attitudes in other countries. Second, many green studies use convenience samples of students. Student responses often differ from the general public’s responses. The problem of relying on student samples is illustrated by the second study of cultural effects. Third, social desirability bias can inflate self-reported green attitudes and needs to be controlled. Although the consequences of social desirability bias may not be appreciated by some researchers, many businesses understand the effects and are waiting for consumer behaviors to catch up with their self-reported attitudes. By improving survey methodologies, green researchers can provide better insights to businesses and policy makers about the state of the gap between consumer attitudes and behaviors.

  • Pester Power: Understanding Parent–Child Communication About Fruits and Vegetables in Low-Income Families From the Child’s Perspective
    Social Marketing Quarterly, Ahead of Print.
    Pick a better snack™, a multicomponent social marketing intervention to promote fruit and vegetable (F&V) consumption, develops children’s ability to ask their parents for F&V. This study’s purpose was to understand this “pester power” from the child’s perspective. Pester power is leveraging children’s ability to convince their parents to purchase items in the store that they normally would not have considered buying. Focus groups were conducted with third-grade program participants (n = 30) and involved a traditional discussion format, a drawing activity, and role-playing. Most of the communication participants described involved straightforward requests, although a few children described behaviors such as whining. Most reported their parents responded affirmatively to requests, and some described a positive emotional response from parents. Parent denials were typically related to concerns about cost or the child not eating the item after purchase. Findings pointed to high self-efficacy and response efficacy among these children, although role-playing of effective asking strategies and addressing reasons why parents deny requests could enhance the program. Social marketing efforts including children should consider how pester power may play a role in moving adult behavior.

  • A Case Study of Two Successful Social Marketing Interventions to Promote 1% Low-Fat Milk Consumption
    Social Marketing Quarterly, Volume 25, Issue 2, Page 137-159, June 2019. <br/>This article presents a case study of two effective interventions promoting 1% low-fat milk consumption. Developed after extensive formative research and use of the 4Ps marketing mix, the first intervention in 2012, 1% Low-Fat Milk Has Perks!, was a multilevel intervention implemented in the Oklahoma City media market (OKCMM), which covers most of the western portion of the state of Oklahoma. The program evaluation was based on a quasi-experimental comparison-group design that compared milk sales in the OKCMM with the Tulsa media market (TMM) supplemented by a pre- and post-intervention telephone survey of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients. The program evaluation revealed that 1% milk sales significantly increased 15% from before to after the intervention ended in the OKCMM compared to a smaller increase in the TMM. In 2014, the second intervention, Choose 1% Milk: A Healthy Family Choice, was implemented statewide using three experimental conditions. The intervention resulted in a 42.9% statewide increase in 1% milk sales from before to after the intervention ended. In this article, we describe the use of the marketing mix in the planning, implementation, and summative evaluation of both interventions, including strategic decisions that provide insight into efforts to influence behavior at the population level.

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