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Practical Ecommerce

Insights for Online Merchants
  • What I’ve learnt from millennials and baby boomers
    In the past nine months, I’ve had three event-management interns — two millennials (the generation born 1981-2000) and a baby boomer (those born 1946-1964) — work with me at My ...

  • Imgix C.E.O. on Real-time Image Optimization
    Images are vital for ecommerce. Images on a home page, category pages, and campaign landing pages — they all help engage shoppers. But here’s the challenge: Are you optimizing those ...

  • 6 Tips for Managing an SEO Team
    Whether your search engine optimization team is in-house or at an agency, staying in touch with what they’re working on is critical. A team left to their own devices may ...

  • To Prevent Software Failures, Use Automated Testing
    The larger your ecommerce store grows, the more complex the software behind it becomes. Even if you outsource your store development or use a hosted platform, this complexity will affect ...

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