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Practical Ecommerce

Insights for Online Merchants
  • SEO How-to, Part 5: Keyword Research in Action
    Editor’s note: This post continues our weekly primer in SEO, touching on all of the foundational aspects. In the end, you’ll be able to practice SEO more confidently and converse ...

  • 7 Reasons Customer Service Agents Lose Sales
    After eavesdropping recently on a conversation between two people in a restaurant, I realized I’ve been remiss in talking more about “front of house” tactics as it relates to converting ...

  • 3 Retail Pricing Strategies for Ecommerce
    Many online retail businesses use one of three popular strategies to set product prices: cost-based, competitor-based, and value-based. It can be a challenge to know how much to charge for a ...

  • How to Avoid SEO Disaster from a Replatform
    Redesigning your ecommerce site or changing platforms is nerve racking. It’s easy to miss an important step and lose valuable organic search traffic and revenue. I have assisted many ecommerce sites ...

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